HaMeiri-Lifshitz – Financial Consultation Firm

The company focuses on consultation for finding integrated and practical solutions in the field of financing for companies. 

  • Examination of the state of the company by analyzing the current financial state and understanding the ongoing needs, while looking at its long-term plans and examining the existing funding sources and its mixture.
  • Formulation of an optimal financing plan and supporting the group in the management of the negotiations with the banks and other financing entities.
  • Seeking potential investors.
  • Assistance in seeking for companies and deals that can create synergy for the purpose of collaborations.
  • Financial and business advice.

The firm regularly assists in the following matters: 

Building a three-year work plan while examining the economic and financial implications for the company, deciding on an annual work plan, examining planning versus actual performance and preparing ongoing reports on the matter. 

Financial support in front of the financing entities including ongoing updates of the business performance of the company and its financing requirements, presentation of new financing plans in accordance with the need and business development of the company, examination of credit risk and financial risk management, and assistance in formulating a policy for the above mentioned risks.

Advising in deals with third parties – from the stage of initiating the deal for the purpose of understanding the implied financing needs, defining them and fulfilling them.

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