Horowitz Engineers

Horowitz Engineers Ltd. is an engineering company specializing in construction supervision and the production of home inspection reports. The company relies on a great deal of experience gained over the years and has successfully completed complex and challenging projects.

We offer advanced supervision and project management services while keeping track of the finest details and standing by the customer with maximum availability, full transparency and reliable and professional service. The company maintains the interest of the customer all along the way, from the initial testing stages of the project feasibility to its glorious completion. Horowitz Engineers Ltd. is managed by certified structural engineers, registered in the Register of Engineers and Architects, and is supported by a diverse team of appraisers, lawyers and professionals who are experts in their field.  Horowitz Engineers will provide you its services all along the way – from the moment you get the key and until you are completely satisfied! Our company will provide consultation through all stages of the discussion with the contractor. From the stage of inspecting the building and detecting defects and until the defects in your apartment are repaired and / or you received adequate financial compensation. Construction inspection before delivering the apartment.

The purpose of obtaining information about construction defects before receiving the property is to bring existing defects to the tenant’s awareness, so that he can demand that the contractor / seller repair the defects found in the apartment before entering it and save himself the inconvenience of living in the apartment while repairs are carried out. Inspection of completed apartments and buildings. Inspection after entering the apartment (after getting the keys) and / or at the end of the inspection period / warranty period. 

The inspections performed include: moisture measurement with a protimeter device, moisture measurement with thermal camera, fiber-optic inspection of the pipes, radiation inspection, flooring inspection, aluminum inspection, comparison of the existing condition to the sale plans, testing of finishes according to the sale specifications, roof sealing inspection. 


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