Projects Marketing

Projects marketing is the main activity of EBO Real Estate.
Sales and support in new projects starting from the planning stage to receiving the key.

In recent years, the urban renewal program has gained a lot of momentum and we are witnessing a large number of new projects being built in the demand areas of Tel Aviv, Givatayim and Ramat Gan. In most cases these are small projects of one or two buildings, characterized by high quality and excellent locations. However, those who stand behind these projects are usually entrepreneurs and boutique contractors who do not have sales mechanisms or customer support and no marketing experience compared to the large construction companies that have “in-house” marketing. Many times, projects of this type are marketed in an unprofessional manner that may cause damage to the entrepreneur and even make it difficult to promote sales.

EBO Real Estate offers entrepreneurs a comprehensive solution for the marketing and sale of new projects. A unique package of services that includes, among other things, strategic thinking and target audience monitoring, project branding, advertising, sales office management, project support for the developer and buyers, including subcontractor management, including tenant changes, suppliers, and more. The rich experience of EBO Real Estate in projects marketing and the deep familiarity with the territory and the customers, allow the company to provide entrepreneurs with a strategic marketing arm of international quality and standard.

The cooperative concept of EBO Real Estate was born to serve the apartment buyers. Thanks to specialization in the marketing of new projects, the company has at any given moment a rich stock of new, unique and high-quality apartments in a diverse and rich mix. The professionalism and extensive experience gained by the company’s founders and employees, together with EBO Real Estate’s collaborations with leading experts in the fields of mortgages, appraisals, design and engineering, offer buyers a perfect package of services that makes the process of purchasing an apartment safer and much more convenient, and is also available at EBO Real Estate a department that specializes in second-hand properties, and at its center is helping new apartment buyers sell their old apartment. Very few entities that operate in the field of marketing and sales of new projects offer buyers a package of this type of services. This service envelope is almost exclusive to EBO Real Estate in the field of marketing activity, and the sale of new projects.

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